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Let’s talk dirt.  Diatemaceous Earth.  Research it.  “DE Earth” is probably the best term to put into a search engine.  I don’t know, but it seems to be working for my “katten” (Dudette) and me.  I AM NOT A DOCTOR NOR A DIETICIAN, SO PLEASE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU USE OR PURCHASE DE EARTH.  DO NOT PURCHASE INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH DE EARTH (WHICH IS USED IN POOLS, ETC.) FOR YOU OR YOUR PET’S CONSUMPTION. ONLY FOOD GRADE WORKS FOR HUMANS AND ANIMALS.

Don’t go overboard with DE Earth initially.  I use it minimally, but you can’t OD on DE Earth.  I wanted to make sure that the katten who adopted me last winter (Dudette) is going to be flea-free if we take her into our house.  So when she lets me pet her, I stroke her with a wee bit of DE Earth. I also give her a SMALL portion of DE Earth in one of her meals.  I use DE Earth in my smoothies and almost anything else that I consume.  I haven’t put any in my Chardonnay, but I might.

What I have noticed is that DE Earth seems to give an energy boost in me.  Dudette’s coat is a bit shinier.  The jury is still out on fleas, but she doesn’t have any.  We’re trying to keep it that way.  Let me know what you find.