Homage to the Greats

Give Sonny Rollins a seed and he’ll create an orchard
McCoy takes a brick and a little water and suddenly there’s a castle
Wes needs just two fingers to breathe a symphony
Miles can turn all evil into a beautiful mystery
Monk changes ordinary squares into brilliant corners
Trane can change your travel plans
Bird can help you run a marathon and make it feel like it’s an April stroll in Paris
Billie makes you give a tiny flower some serious study
Dizzy can make a blue note smile
Satchmo can make that same blue note break out in a belly- busting laugh
Ornette points to the shape of things to come, forever and forever
Duke is, well, Duke
Nina lets you know how sweet the sugar in your bowl can be
And Stanley Turrentine lets you know just how molasses is made
Tito just keeps it caliente. Siempre
Brother Ron Carter holds everything together
Art Blakey always sends a good message that swings
And the Adderley brothers swinging harder than any two siblings can swing at each other when they’ve outgrown their shared bedroom
Grant Green as blue as mellow as simple as gentle as any six string slinger can be
Brother Ray can do just about anything
For all of those not mentioned, there is love for you, respect for you and a poem for you in the future.

"Tribute" digital art on paper, "18 x 24"